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Although I have been drawing since a young age and have attempted other mediums of art like printing and jewelry-making, my passion for years has remained sculpting and the human figure. I have taken drawing and sculpture classes at the Israeli Museum in Jerusalem, Columbia University, The Museum of Fine Arts Boston and also at the DeCordova Museum. I have worked primarily with clay and have tried to capture the "moment." While working I attempt to allow myself to be immersed in the process of creating visually and emotionally, and less cognitively. I try to capture and express the range of human emotions as they are manifested by the models or as they reflect a projection of our deep feelings. Over the years my work has become less realistic and more expressive. I put emphasis on the "power of now," perhaps conveying the human sense of strength, endurance and joy in the face of violence, fragility, illness and mortality.

As a psychologist I have worked with people who experience violence and trauma in their lives and I am deeply interested in resilience and the power of art to transform and heal. In the past year my sculpture "Inspiration" was exhibited at Hebrew College as part of the exhibition, "Artists Confront the Holocaust." Last year I participated in Newton Open Studios; my work was also exhibited at the Newton Public Library, Galley 333 and was selected for the Frances N. Roddy Competition exhibit at the Concord Art Association.

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